“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela –



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Who we are
We are always stronger together  – a motto we strongly believe in. It is on this concept that we build, using existing infrastructure, honed skills, years of experience and a spirit of collaboration. The result, more opportunities for many!

MONELii is a BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) compliant company with social responsibility firmly ingrained in all we do.By partnering with the best in the industry we give you a one stop video production company able to deliver on all your needs. No need to run around for the best service offering, whether you need Teleprompting services or a web commercial, corporate media communications or coverage of live events. The team at MONELii will work with you to create engaging content, successfully connecting with your target market to achieve your goals.

“Improve – Inspire” our motto on which we operate.Improve the lives of those we touch and inspire them to pay it forward. This then filters through to our work with you – constantly improving what we do to create content that inspires.


Our Services


Our professional teleprompting services assist public speakers and speech-makers, whether it’s a private function, corporate conference or a large outdoor event.

Our teleprompting services have been supplied to Presidents, Professionals, Hollywood Actors & The CEO of Fortune 500 Companies.

Full Service Production

We provide a full-house of services includes script- and copy-writing (brochures, press releases, etc), the technical crew (both in the field and studio), gear, editing, a complete range of the latest post-production film and television resources.

We handle all elements of your production from beginning to end.


We cover any event, including media briefings, live broadcast to other networks, business and social functions, conference centres, big sports matches and even political rallies.

We have a comprehensive range of inside & outside broadcast units, tailored to suit your needs, from small events to live shows.

Venue Technical Management

Our commitment to meeting your specific needs will make your technical headaches a thing of the past.We supply management of technical equipment and personnel for venues, providing Lighting, Audio, Staging, Audio Visual, Power, Rigging equipment and services for any type of event.

Conference & Event Technology

Competitive daily technical packages/tailor-made solutions
Onsite support and technical advice
High-quality equipment
Consistent delivery excellence
CAD facilities for scale drawings and layout planning

Social Responsibility Projects

MONELii was born out of our desire to make a difference in the lives of our communities we serve.We have seen how that work inspires & improve lives. Our passion projects have positively impacted many lives to date. It is our aim to continuously create opportunities that will benefit those in need.

MONELii is totally BEE-compliant. But our social responsibility goes further than that, with our commitment to mentorship and skills transfer.

Work Ethic

Our motto is “Improve – Inspire”. We ‘Improve’ the business communication of clients and ‘Inspire’ success with on-point creative content.

Our professional, yet personal, approach is designed to help you engage effectively with your customers and target markets to keep you ahead of the competition.


Who We Work With


improve, inspire,

Together We Can Do More

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