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World Class Broadcasting


The broadcasting environment presents many unique challenges and naturally require a highly specialised team. We at MONELii can provide you with outdoor or indoor broadcasting services from OB- Vans down to the crew and live editing.MONELii will transform your event into a world-class production.

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Live Shows & Events

We provide technical assistance for corporate Live events of all sizes, delivering unmatched, detail-driven service.
Our emphasis is on finding the right solution for you and your events as your team partner.
Whether your requirement is a Live Broadcast, Lighting, Audio Visual, Staging, Rigging, Power or a combination of disciplines including Pyrotechnics, our commitment to meeting your specific needs will make your technical headaches a thing of the past.
At MONELii we establish long term partnerships and collaboration with local and international clients.

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Holograms can be used to replace speakers, presenters, entertainers but also to take normal conference presentation to a completely different by presenting in 3D.
This option could offer presenters the ability to attend conferences without actually being in the room. They can be projected live or the content can be pre-recorded. As the days, months and years go by, technology just gets better and better. What was once the latest and greatest yesterday, is old hat today. The bottom line is, technology doesn’t wait for you and if your organization isn’t keeping up with it, you will surely be left in the dust by one of your competitors. We at MONELii in conjunction with our collaboration partners will always put technology at your fingertips.

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Here’s How Holograms On Stage Can Look So Real

Virtual Expo & Conference

With the development of advanced technology, virtual conference is increasingly used to bring people in various locations together so they can conduct business. Virtual conferences have become a more and more popular and acceptable medium to develop and reach large audiences. Businesses in various kinds of industries have realized that online virtual conferences are far cheaper than face-to-face events. Obviously, this is not a conference venue focus or what they would want to sell but it could be a solution to the current problem and once we back to business as normal this could be a tool to grow the total of visitors and even double it when hosting actual Conferences and Expo’s venues. You could have real and virtual attendees.

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Virtual Expo

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